Sunday, August 10, 2008

Glass on glass mosaic

Just realized that I only posted one entry in the month of July. I am so behind.

A few weeks ago I completed and grouted this glass mosaic.

Mosaic being grouted in black

My 10 year old was surprised at my choice of grout color. She said, "I thought it would be lighter." But when I had the mosaic all cleaned and held it up to the sunlight, she "ahhhhed" in approval and understood the stained glass window effect.

I haven't installed it in its frame yet, and a finished picture will have to wait for Edward to return from Iowa with his digital camera. (I love my film camera, but it's just not practical for blogging.)

This contains Sici's waterglass and glimmer as well as art glass sheets. It was my first experiment with MAC glue, which I like for glass on glass, but haven't perfected my use of yet. I discovered that it works better for me to apply it to the tesserae with a small paintbrush (a cheap one, because it will end up in the trash; I went through 3).