Thursday, May 12, 2011

Wood and Glass - Getting Ready for Arts Goggle Show

Wood panels ready to be primed

I have been busy for the last week or two getting ready to show my art and jewelry at Arts Goggle, a fun one day event in Fort Worth's near southside neighborhood that is like Gallery Night and a street fair and art festival combined. This is such a lovely area, centered around Magnolia, where the old buildings are being renovated and great new restaurants and other businesses have moved in. The twice a year art festival includes local artists and musicians almost exclusively and has a very nice neighborhood feel.

I cut and sanded the squares of wood in the top picture last week, and several of them became canvases for small mixed media works.

Also last week, I was very happy to (finally!) get the replacement top (the main part with all the elements) for my kiln. I have been on a cutting, stacking and cooking glass spree ever since. I'm going to have to tear myself away from the kiln and get all my pricing, tagging and packing done!

Fused glass pendants, mostly with dichroic glass - the small teardrops on the right were my first experiments with fusing in a mold. It's been a bit trial and error and most of the ones I like needed a 2nd firing with some glass and glass frit added.

Arts Goggle is Saturday May 14 4-10 pm. I will be at 209 South Main in the back room (it has a separate back entrance) of the Robert Kelly Architect building.