Sunday, April 27, 2008

Farmers' market, new plants

These are the new babies. No, not more kittens, but new plants to go in the kitchen garden. In the black containers from left to right are chervil, thyme, poblano pepper, lemon balm and a San Marzano tomato (I was really excited to find that!) from the Cowtown Farmer's Market, a lovely little farmer's market that had plants, veggies, handmade soaps, homemade bread and treats from a small artisanal bakery, locally roasted coffee and cut flowers. Everything has to be grown and/or made by the seller and come from a distance of 150 miles or less from the market. We also bought some lovely pink and white radishes (a little spicy for some of us) and asparagus just cut the day before, along with getting an invitation to come out and visit the 2 acre asparagus farm, that I wish I had followed up on. Our daughter, starting out with a quarter in hand, came home with a very pretty pink flower that should have cost her a dollar.

From there we ran to Walmart for last minute birthday present shopping, where we found (on the left in the new plants photo) a healthy looking fern-leaf dill and (on the right) zucchini and more little okra plants than we could possibly find room for...really, there must be 20 plants in that 6-pack.
They are so small! It's going to be a long wait for that sauteed okra with cumin.

And thinking about anticipating warm weather vegetables, here is a glimpse of the very first of our green tomatoes. The sight of the first tomatoes of the season is always exciting; this plant is an Early Girl bush variety.

But no need to wait for warmer weather to have greens and lettuces. Friday night I made a big salad with ingredients all from our garden, scatter sown in the garden just about 5 weeks ago.

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