Friday, September 19, 2008

Works In Progress - Mosaic and Painting

This mosaic is what I have been working on lately, taking up space on my kitchen table. The inspiration and focal point is this lovely quartz stone that we found at a little rock shop in Glen Rose after we hiked around the bed of the Paluxy River in Dinosaur State Park.

Unfortunately, I realized that the unglazed ceramic tiles I had planned to use on most of the background just would not work. The tone was all wrong...yuck. Then, I found out that my local big tile supply store had closed, so I went searching on the internet, and now I am waiting for some more tiles, that may or may not work in this piece. I won't know 'til I see them.

So, this will continue to sit on the table a while longer. Happily, with the cooler weather we can eat outside on the deck, which I love best anyway. Hurray for approaching Fall.

I've been dreaming up paintings lately when I'm lying awake at night and my brain won't turn off.
So, yesterday I scrawled some lines in Caran d'Arche on 2 canvases and then coved them with acrylic medium and crumpled or folded tissue paper for texture and another layer of medium.

This is a real experiment for me, but I like how the textures came out.

In fact, I like how the larger panel looks right now with the texture lines running vertically, but I doubt any of the drawn/painted lines will be visible later as I have this envisioned (yes, from in bed at 4am) as an almost all deep red.

It's kind of fun to be thinking about painting again, I haven't done it in a long time.

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Scrvpvlvs said...

Those sketches on canvas remind me very much of music.