Monday, March 17, 2008

This is the first day Of spring break. You would think, since I am not teaching this year, that that wouldn't mean a lot to me. But that would be wrong! It still means freedom! It also occurs to me...well, just now, as I write this...that I have probably, during my life as a mom of small children, as a teacher and probably as a child myself, seen this week as a marker: the beginning of spring and the beginning of new growing things, and that this is part of the reason that the idea of Spring Break gives me joy. So, I started my morning with an inspection of all the tiny, and a few not so tiny (sunflowers and summer squash), green sprouts and seedlings in flats inside, turned on the sun and plugged in the warmth. The tomato seedlings look great so far, and I am as always hopeful. I am still waiting (patiently?) for the eggplant to appear. Yesterday I planted okra seeds.

The glass mosaic I am working on is very spring like, is full of leaves, so it fits right in.

I also spent an hour or so this morning browsing collage artist's blogs. I love seeing other artists' work and getting inspired by their ideas. Of course, the ones who share their techniques and work-in-progress pictures and thoughts are wonderful and deserve great thanks for taking the trouble and time from their own creating to do this.
Here is the collage that I have in the current show at the Fort Worth Community Art Center. It will be up for the Fort Worth Spring Gallery Night (March 29); I always like having stuff up for Gallery Night!

Here it is with another of mine, on the wall at the Percy Thompson Gallery in New Zealand in the Human Artefakts exhibition. These two collages also went several places around the US and to Bremen, Germany. They are much more well traveled than I am!

No outside gardening today, as we are supposed to get severe thunderstorms and hail! Now I'm off to make waffles with my daughter.

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