Thursday, October 2, 2008 pieces

A while back I posted some pictures of canvases I had prepared to paint. Alas, since then the digital camera has developed a problem, or the user has developed a problem...and I cannot take pictures. So, all I can post at this time are images scanned on my scanner bed, which is not exactly big enough to get the whole painting in at once. So, your challenge is to use your imagination and creative eye to put together these images to make a complete picture.

The first one is tentatively called When We Did Not Sleep, what kept coming to me while I was painting.

This second one is actually a 10x10 canvas. This has lots of texture...but is visually simple.

And this last one is an older painting, called Remembering Winter...or something about winter. It is also square, 12x12.

I painted most of the day today, so it just seemed right to post about painting today, camera difficulties not withstanding. Today's paint is still too sticky to lay down on the scanner.

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