Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Bead Craft with the Girl Scouts

On Saturday we did a fun craft with our little Girl Scout troop. A few weeks ago a local craft store was offering a class on beaded ornament hangers and our head honcho troop leader (I'm one of three) said she was thinking of learning how to make the little beaded thingies and asked if I was interested in going. I looked at the picture and said, Oh, those are easy. We can do that. So, we shopped for wire and a few packages of beads to supplement the stores of unused craft beads hanging around my house, and VOILA:

The moms got to work cutting and bending the wire, while the girls ran around and played, then the Girl Scouts got busy and very creative and made a number of hangers. Even a five year old brother made a few beautiful hangers. After almost an hour of steady focus on the craft, the girls started drifting upstairs to play, and the moms kept at it for another 45 minutes, totally engrossed in creating little objects and conversation. It was nice, a kind of quilting bee gathering. We came away with some lovely ornament hangers, and the girls were very into it, working intently with no bickering or whining for almost an hour; I have to declare it a successful GS craft.

R favored a definite color scheme.

We think they really dress up simple glass balls and tree ornaments.

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