Monday, September 19, 2011

Post Heat Wave Harvest

Oh no! I let some of my okra get too big! But it's pretty understandable considering that we just got our first 2 okra of the summer last week. Our poor plants manged to survive the 70 days of triple digit temperatures this summer, but not to produce fruit once the heat from Hades settled in. I'm just not used to checking for vegetables in the garden, only checking for dry soil.

There are two overgrown yellow squash lurking in there. We started harvesting squash about a week and a half ago.

Even the peppers had a hard time in the heat. I only had one smallish red bell pepper and a very few jalapenos, then one of our two jalapeno plants wilted and died. Now, the bell has blooms and little green peppers all over it.
The only things that kept on going through the summer were the chard, most of the herbs, and weirdly...

...the arugula.
Which we've really been enjoying in various salads, tossed on hot-from-the-oven pizza, and as an important part of our onionless tabbouleh.

Everything looks happier now, and we even got a good rain Friday evening. Now maybe we will actually get some tomatoes!

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