Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pretty Little Things for Arts Goggle

The Fort Worth Fall Arts Goggle is coming up in a couple of weeks (Oct 8), and I will be in a new spot this time, at 311 Bryan, just off of S. Main. This an an outdoor tent (awning) space, so for a change I will be keeping my fingers crossed for no rain.

Also, since I will just have my tent display space instead of a large room with lots of wall space, I will be showing mostly jewelry. I still hope I will be able to hang a few of the little mixed media collage pieces on an exterior wall, or find some other way to display them.

I spent a couple of days this weekend making necklaces and these little jeweled bookmarks. Last winter R and I sat down and made 8 of these as gifts for her teachers.

A selection of the jeweled bookmarks

Eiffel tower bookmark in action

Linked here and here.

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